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Around 75% of digital marketing budgets are wasted. Our marketing experts can help you fix that.
We will dramatically increase your ROI with Facebook Advertising.

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New to social  media marketing?

New to social media marketing?

We help you get started with profitable facebook advertising.

Seeing decreased  effect on roas?

Seeing decreased effect on roas?

We can help you return to more efficient media investments.

Challenges when scaling up?

Challenges when scaling up?

Let’s team up to expand your business together.

Who we are

We have gathered a team of 25 brilliant marketing experts with a background from various industries. What unities us all is the combined hard-earned experience from having invested billions on Performance Marketing. As a team we are passionate, hard-working, multi-talented and laser-focused on generating sales and growth for our customers. Contact us today and experience marketing like never before. We are Rocket Revenue.


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In order to be truly successful with digital marketing, a strong data-driven approach that focuses on relevance and deep consumer insights is required. A large part of Rockets Revenues success comes from combining all the strong points from our preferred platforms. Using them one by one can surely make you push hard. But all in combination can grip a sledgehammer and make some serious impact.

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Rocket Revenue is working with over 150 clients today. While most companies want to showcase the results with public Case Studies, we prefer to keep success confidential. Below are some of the companies we work with, reach out if you want to learn more.

focus industries

Key to success for Rocket Revenue has been to combine a deep understanding of the business mechanics in selective industry verticals, with our skills to master the major performance marketing platforms. By understanding both sides we can develop more sophisticated marketing innovations.


Revolutionizing marketing

We make customers stand out in the 30 billion alcohol beverage industry

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Experience e-com growth

We help customers increase ROAS with innovative strategies and KPI tracking

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Increase sales

Online and in-stores. We understand the balance and the different challenges

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Cost effective leads

Once we understand what a new lead is worth, we help you execute and scale

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