Focus industries

Key to success for Rocket Revenue has been to combine a deep understanding of the business
mechanics in selective industry verticals, with our skills to master the major performance marketing platforms. By understanding both sides we can develop more sophisticated marketing innovations.

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Rocket Revenue has revolutionized online marketing in the 30 billion Swedish alcohol beverage market. As your marketing partner we bring in-depth knowledge of the local alcoholic beverage industry. To this, we add powerful proprietary consumer insights and buying data. We target consumers via multiple media channels – both our own and public channels like Facebook and Google. We’re digital to the core. Get in touch today and experience online marketing like never before!

Deep industry knowledge
You need a partner that understands your business. Producer dynamics, evaluation system, standard and premium segment, ranking lists, weight ratio and points per sold unit. The list goes on. With deep and specific industry knowledge we develop successful strategies together with our clients.

Extensive consumer data
Segment, price points, origins and location. What sets us apart from the competition is that we are in possession of massive consumer data. We know the motives and drivers in your target group and we have tailor-made media solutions to maximize efficiency in every single marketing campaigns.

Campaign optimization
Every third or sixth month a line is drawn in the sand dictating ranking and new distribution. In this context, all marketing efforts must be optimized in real-time. Our team of digital marketing experts make sure that your investments are maximized from a sales, geo-targeting and ranking perspective.


The foundation for all successful marketing is to understand the market and the consumers. Who are they, where are they and what drives them to buy and consume. At Rocket Revenue we do not only strive to understand the markets we operate within, we also want to get under the skin of the consumers we aim to target. We do this through both primary and secondary research as well as extensive work with consumer trends. The knowledge and insights we gain through our work help us to help our clients. Not only delivering high performance marketing, but also offering them market analysis, strategy advice, brand research, design tests and stellar reports like Vinbarometern

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Lead generation brands

Rocket Revenue has developed a range of services and lead generation brands to drive sales for our customers in this market. In total we have gathered more than 300.000 wine, beer and spirits consumers in our various applications and databases which makes it possible for us to be extremely effective and precise in the execution of all our local marketing campaigns.




Rocket Revenue has grown up as a company with customers in the segment. Today we are working with close to 100 e-commerce clients, many of them started off as small businesses but are today major player within their respective niches.

We have a deep understanding of the key metrics and success factors in today’s e-commerce. Together with our clients we set the right KPI frameworks and we segment products based on margins, consumer demand and potential to scale.

Learnings from all our customers also helps us cross-pollinate smart strategies much faster. Don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss how we could work together to grow your business.

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Retail and consumer brands


Members of our team have a background in both retail and consumer goods companies. We understand the challenges and balancing act between driving traffic to the stores whilst at the same time creating direct-to-consumer sales channels online.

We have multiple case studies of geo-targeted online campaigns to drive sales in specific locations and stores. At the same time we believe our extensive e-com growth experience can be put to use to help many traditional retail and consumer goods companies who want to explore and compete with pure e-com companies.

Make contact today, we can’t wait to learn more about how we can grow your business together.

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Lead generation


Gaming Operators, financial service and insurance companies as well as realtors and many more consumer facing companies share one thing, they want new leads to grow their business.

Rocket Revenue is specialized in this area. Once we understand what a lead or a new customer is actually worth for our clients, we use specific tactics and strategies to help establish profitable lead generation marketing programs.

Multiple tools and channels are used, everything from e-mail and Messenger lists and bots to lead generation ad formats on Facebook and paid search marketing on Google.
Reach out to discuss how we can help you improve lead generation for your specific business.

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