In order to be truly successful with digital marketing, a strong data-driven approach that focus on relevance and deep consumer insights is required



2.1 billion users worldwide and 1.59 billion daily active users. This is a crowded marketplace, but you can’t afford to sit it out, because odds are fairly high that your competition is there. Stay ahead of your competitors by constantly improving your campaign strategies based on performance. Instagram is moving above 1 billion users and 500 million daily users. Sharing advertising platform with Facebook makes Instagram a strong component in successful digital media strategies.

Our toolbox of Facebook and Instagram marketing concepts comes from hard earned insights by investing billions into performance-oriented campaigns. We know from experience that success is created from technical algorithm-mastery. Deep insights about audiences are crucial as well as being able to make use of all customer-unique business data available to maximize ROAS for each client.

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Your customers are on Messenger; are you? We do believe that an open rate of 85% and a CTR of 15% could have some serious impact on your business. With over 1.3 billion users and 20 billion messages sent between people or businesses each month, implementation of a Messenger strategy has to considered a high priority. It is not only about chat-bots and customer service, but rather a cost-effective way to drive sales and conversion. This is probably not a speed boat for most businesses, but something that will continue to prove value day after day down the road. Making use of software that allows us to grow your messenger-lists, implement automations to keep your crowd active and make send outs of promotional messages is a key component in many of our successful campaigns.

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Don’t miss out on the 3rd largest social media platform. Snapchat’s user base is growing and has passed the 250 million mark. In comparison to Facebook and Instagram, this major audience is younger which calls for channel specific strategies in terms of tone of voice and products showcased. Our early tests have been showing remarkable results with best in class CPC. Correct implementation of pixels and data setup are as always key components when optimizing your campaigns.

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Influencer marketing has been facing difficulties when it comes to measuring actual conversion and performance outside of reach and engagement. Joining forces with one of the world’s most advanced full-service influencer platforms enables us to add our deep expertise within paid social to the Influencer community and leverage both channels in sync with a new and unique data-driven and transparent model. Rocket Revenue has established a close partnership with Massfluencer. They have identified, indexed and scanned every influencer post in the world, in total 41 million influencers with over 2.000 followers in 213 markets.

Together with our experienced team of campaign managers we enable both small and large companies to connect their paid advertising strategies with influencer marketing campaigns locally or globally with efficiency and with stunning performance.

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Implementing paid search as part of our eco-system is a given. When making use of our data-driven view of the world, we almost always find clear synergies by adding paid search to your campaign toolbox. Youtube also offers an unparalleled opportunity to engage your target audience. For example, we can help you set up geo-targeted video campaigns to drive sales to specific stores and locations. With a state-of-the-art setup, Rocket Revenues’ Google experts – with experience from some of the largest e-commerce companies in Scandinavia – will take your performance to a whole new level and keep it there by constantly optimizing every aspect of it. As always, our optimization process ensures data that can be used to generate insights about your views and the engagement with your brand.

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A large part of Rockets Revenues success comes from combining all the strong points from our preferred platforms. Using them one by one can surely make you push hard. But all in combination can give you the upper hand and make some serious impact.

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