We deliver profitable marketing

Whether you are just starting or have a fully developed in-house team, we will partner with you to create and execute profitable performance marketing strategies. During the years we have helped large as well as small companies to solve their toughest challenges.


Your performance marketing partner

As your partner we bring in-depth knowledge on leading platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Snapchat and Google. Very often success is reached via innovation, doing the things no one else in your industry is doing. After identifying breakthrough models for customer conversion, sales and growth, we’ll help you execute the ground-winning strategy.


Set-up of KPI framework

Our team of digital experts are available to help you and your business to the next level. We will assist you with guidance for establishing KPI frameworks early on that reflect true business impact. Our in-house consumer research team will provide an indispensable source of insights to improve your understanding of the target group and trends that affects their consumption.


Implement smart strategies

Based on smart pixel strategies and data, we will create campaigns, content and ads that attract your particular target group. As your partner we want to unveil the data or insights about your business that will allow us to make continuous improvements to marketing 365 days a year. We will also help your organization
in navigating everything related to maximizing the effects when using modern marketing platforms.



Placements and content are constantly optimized on an ongoing basis in order to achieve the best possible ROI, regardless of where the purchase occurs. We will provide hands-on support in everything from content and ad production to campaign management, ongoing optimization and reporting and analysis of the results. Our philosophy is that our clients’ success builds our success and by ensuring that our clients get as much as possible from the media budget invested, we both achieve success.



Collaboration drives everything we do. Consider our team your team. Our reputation is built on years of successful partnerships and real, measurable results. Together, we’ll design and execute the digital strategy that sets you apart from the competition.


New to social media marketing?

A large part of the Rocket Revenue success is actually built on helping small clients find the formula for profitable marketing. Together we will help you establish the right KPI:s for success, test which products and offerings that can scale, implement correct pixel strategies allowing the algorithms to find your audience, test different ad formats etc. Already at this stage we will provide you with a state-of-the art setup allowing you to grow your business with profitable marketing. Once your business starts to scale, we will face new challenges!

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Seeing decreased effects on roas?

You probably have an in-house team, or you are working with external partner. You are already investing significant media budgets on paid social and you have seen success. However, you might experience that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find or maintain the ROAS levels that you are accustomed to? This is the most typical situation in which customers contact Rocket Revenue. We will start off by analyzing your current Business- and Google Analytics Accounts and within one week we will deliver our first analysis and recommendations for improvement. Very often we will find clear and previously unexplored new growth strategies for your business. Examples could be to re-invent your pixel strategies or connect your paid social campaigns with data-driven influencer marketing platforms to find new growth paths.

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Challenges when scaling up?

Scaling the business with profitable marketing becomes increasingly challenging with higher volumes. What worked yesterday on Facebook might not work today. The recipe for success in Scandinavia cannot be copied in the UK, logistics and marketing do not go hand in hand, the amount of content is a challenge, the influencer marketing initiatives and the paid social strategies are not connected etc. In these types of situation Rocket Revenue thrive and we love to get involved. However, there are rarely any quick fixes that can be applied. Rather we need to find new innovative ideas together by aligning our respective competencies. Sometimes new innovations work, sometimes they don’t, but you will get a partner that can match your ambition and that is laser focused on finding ways for continued growth!

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